How to create a receipt template

How to create Word and Excel Receipt Templates – To create receipt templates from scratch

Excel Template

  • Prepare a rough draft of the details to be incorporated on the receipt like Date, Receipt no., amount details, Received by, etc.
  • Open new Excel blank file and feed in these details in various cells of excel sheet according to the drafted layout.
  • Draw outside borders to include all these cells and hide gridlines.
  • The merge and centre option is useful to create the data boxes where information to each detail mentioned can be filled. Use bottom borders to highlight the information boxes for each detail.
  • Change font and layout using format cells
  • After completing the layout make basic settings Select ‘page setup’.
  • Click on Orientation – select portrait
  • In Page size – A4 size
  • Select the print area to include all the cells and borders of the receipt template
  • Page setup – fit to page. Print Preview and Print to see the final layout of receipt.
  • Save file for future use
  • Use Insert option to add additional effects –
    1. Text box
    2. Additional tables
    3. Picture option to add company logo
    4. Shapes for check box
    5. Use Font type/size/colour
    6. Use Fill colour for table or cell background
    7. Paragraph Alignment
    8. Text Alignment

Word Template
Create the template in excel as shown above and select all to copy paste the formatted cells on a new blank word file. Change orientation to landscape on page setup. Save the file. Print preview and Print.

Downloadable Custom Receipts
Custom receipts can be created on your computer using receipt templates. These receipts are available on your computer in MS Word and MS Excel formats. These are also downloadable from OpenOffice and Google in online template galleries. Once the receipt is downloaded, it can be customized to your needs. This can include your logo, text, specialized product codes and payment details.

For Excel 2010
Select the “File” tab and select “New.” Click “Receipts” in the left task pane. Review the receipts that appear. Click a receipt to see a preview in the right task pane. Download a receipt by clicking the receipt image and the “Download” button in the right task pane. The template opens in Excel 2010.

Update the logo section by right-clicking on the default logo and selecting “Change Picture.” Browse your PC for the logo you want to use. Click the logo and the “Open” button. Your logo replaces the default logo.

Highlight the default text and type your customized information in it. This includes the address, product information and amount details. Save your changes by clicking “Save as” and the required filename.

For Word Template
Open Microsoft Word and locate the template gallery. In Word select “File” and “New.” Locate the templates search box. Type “receipt.” You will see all of the available receipts. Select and Double click to download the receipt template.

Customize the template by adding your business information. Add your company name, address, phone number and web address. Also add your logo and slogan. Adjust the receipt number to match the sequence you plan to use.

Add formulas if you plan to have your prices calculated automatically. Move your cursor to the field – for “Total” select “formula” – select “Sum”’ from the paste function category. Enter the word “Above” within the parentheses. Word will calculate the sum of values entered above this section. Format this area further by changing the format to currency. Select the format that has the dollar symbol in front of the numbers.

Save the template select “file” and “save as.” Change your save type to “Template.” When you create new documents based on this template, save them as regular Word documents and not as a template. Doing so will override the changes made when the template was created.

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